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Got Insurance?

Friday, August 25th, 2017

It can be a love hate relationship when it comes to maintaining auto insurance. It is a monthly expense that some are not prepared for.  Yet for some, the moment you need it and it’s not there, a minor collision can turn into a devastating financial occurrence for all involved. You’re driving, watching the road and traffic signals, doing your part in being a safe driver, BUT is everyone else? The other day my daughter’s friend was driving and an oncoming driver became distracted, his car collided with hers head on causing the airbags to deploy and resulting in her car being a total loss. Thankfully, she was wearing a seatbelt and walked away with minor injuries such as a fractured wrist, bruising and soreness. She and her parents know the coverage she has but the next question was, is the other driver covered as well?

Most of us already know how insurance works and how important it is to have uninsured motorist added to your policy for situations like these. Did you know that in the Yakima Valley statistics say that only 40% of the drivers are insured? That’s a scary thought. There’s also a coverage worth inquiring on if you have a rather pricy vehicle. Lets say you get into an accident in your $50,000 car and the driver at fault’s property damage liability is $20,000, the coverage you’d want in that moment is UNDERinsured motorist property damage! Unfortunately this coverage varies from state to state and varies per insurance company. In addition state standards are very low compared to the price of vehicles. In Washington state the standard insurance required to legally drive is are as follows; bodily injury liability coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, property damage liability coverage: $10,000, underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, basic personal injury protection: $10,000 per accident. So if you have $10,000 in property damage liability coverage you may be underinsured if you hit a newer Mercedes that has a value of $25,000 or more.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for good coverage. I recommend finding an insurance agent rather than calling the first company in the yellow pages. It’s their job to find quotes for you that specifically suit your financial needs with your best interest in mind. Adding anti-theft devices can also lower your premium. According to the Yakima Herald in the year 2016 Washington state had 1170 vehicle thefts, that put us at #19 in the US for auto theft. Other ways to save money is by having multiple vehicles covered on one policy, adding renters or home owners insurance and military discounts, always ask about additional discounts! You can also lower your auto premium by raising your deductible-the amount you pay out of pocket  when you make a claim. The difference between a $250, $500 or $1000 deductible is usually quite substantial. Decide how much you can afford out of pocket and make that adjustment. With all of that said, don’t be a statistic or a victim of the statistics! Protect yourself, your property and others.

Are You Ready For the Total Lunar Eclipse?

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

pic 4

The excitement is building! People are traveling far and wide to experience what NASA is calling a total lunar eclipse. They are expecting this to cover a 70 mile stretch of land, from Oregon to South Carolina. The last time the United States experienced this was in February of 1979. Unfortunately not many saw it because it only clipped 5 states in the northwest and the weather was not cooperating. For those who do not know exactly how a total lunar eclipse occurs, it is when the Moon, directly between the Sun and Earth, casts a shadow on our planet. If you’re in the dark part of that shadow (the umbra), you’ll see a total eclipse. If you’re in the light part (the penumbra), you’ll see a partial eclipse. This event will be exciting for all because everyone is the US will get to experience at least a partial eclipse.

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Which is why people are willing to travel to get the full experience. Apparently the flat country lands of Wyoming is a great place to be. They have less pollution in the air there due to the smaller cities within the state. People are taking vacations there during this time and hotel bookings in the area are filling up. Unfortunately the Yakima Valley is not within range to experience the total phase of the eclipse. However, some is better than none. For those of us that aren’t willing or able to travel to witness the eclipse in it’s entirety, our partial view is said to begin at 9:09am, 10:22am and again at 11:41am.

eclipseThis will be the most-viewed eclipse ever. This experience is said to last 2 minutes and 40 seconds! The largest city to have this full 2+ minute experience is going to be Nashville, Tennessee. Might want to leave early for good seats and cross your fingers for good weather! Our local forecasters in the Yakima Valley have said we are to have a high of 92 and mostly sunny skies. Also, Don’t forget to pick up a pair of eclipse lenses. These lenses allow you to look directly at the sun without causing damage to the eye. They should cost around $2. You can also wear #14 welder glass goggles. Bring snacks, a chair, sunscreen and use the restroom to ensure you miss nothing! If you miss this one, you can catch the next one they’ve predicted to happen on April 8th 2024.

Football Season is Here! And Steve Hahn’s is Giving Away Tickets!

Friday, August 11th, 2017

The NFL football season is officially underway! The excitement is in the air as the preseason games begin and the season games are quickly approaching. Fans are already purchasing new gear and making bets on their favorite teams. We here at Steve Hahn’s love our football and are all about representing our favorite teams on game days, and if you’re a Seahawks fan, Blue Friday.

Steve Hahn’s also knows how great of an experience it is to see a game live and in person. That is why we have decided to put on a contest to give our community the chance to win Seahawks Tickets to the HOME OPENER game against the San Francisco 49ers on September 17th at 1:25 PM in Seattle at the Centurylink Field. This will be a huge game to see in person due to the fact that the Seahawks dominated during last year’s match up, winning the game 37-18 on their home turf. So the 49ers are out for revenge, trying to make up for last years loss. At the end of the 2016-2017 season, the Seahawks lead the all-time series with a record of 22-15, including 1-0 in the playoffs!

Don’t miss your chance to get FREE tickets to one of the biggest games of the year! All you have to do is be a follower of our Facebook Page at: then find the contest post on our page so that you can Like and Share the post. As long as you follow those three steps, you will automatically be entered into the contest! The winner will be drawn on September 11th, which is the Monday before the home opener game, giving the winner plenty of time to plan ahead! We are excited about the opportunity to give such an amazing prize to our community and hope to be able to keep providing such great giveaways and experiences to our valued customers and followers! If you have any questions about the contest rules, please do not hesitate to ask! GO HAWKS!