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Steve Hahn’s Second Annual Trunk or Treat!

Monday, November 6th, 2017

This year’s  Second Annual Trunk or Treat was a huge success. There were 82 decorated trunks on the lot and roughly 7,800 parents and children in attendance. We were so pleased with the amount of businesses that were willing to participate in some way shape or form as there were over 100 willing businesses.

Whether they were vendors with trunks or they simply made a donation to the event, there was a ton of generosity shown. From the hand sanitizer stations, portable bathrooms, barrier fencing, standing propane heaters and a tons of donated pumpkins, candy and hay bales, and our own employee’s time, it was smooth sailing.

This year’s goal was to raise money to go towards the First Responders of Yakima. We asked each business to donate $50 to raise money for the First Responders of Yakima, on top of decorating a trunk full of candy. Almost an admission of sort, however not a stipulation to be able to participate.

All were willing and a few that were not able to be a trunk vendor still gave the donation and that’s where the other donated items came into play. So many people were willing to help out in some way to provide to the community event.

A major goal of Steve Hahn’s was to be able to provide the community with a safe and fun environment. Parents are more at ease bringing their children to an event like this and not worrying about the dangers of walking in the dark or receiving questionable candy from strangers. Having raised his children and now having grandkids, Steve understands the importance of keeping our kiddos safe.

We were able to provide a completely enclosed event with one entrance and one exit. We had police officers volunteering their time to be at the event also.

We managed to host an unforgettable event that was complete with face painting, a costume contest for children and adults, a dance contest, photo backdrop/selfie stage, a huge HAUNTED HOUSE and not to mention TONS of candy! The looks on the children’s faces were priceless and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

The participation on our staff’s behalf was pretty great as well. From witches, to Wednesday Adams, Katniss Everdeen and clowns, we had a variety of fun costumes worn by our staff. There were so many awesome and creative costumes that came through.

We had an adorable 3 year Transformer, a set of Washer and Dryer sisters, die hard 2 year old dancing twin Fairies, Princesses, super Heroes and Villains.

However the costume contest winners for both child and adult prizes went to a family who hand made their Alice in Wonderland costumes. The adults received prizes donated to us from Hendo’s Accessories, Bale Breaker and the Yakima Steak Company and the child’s costume contest winner received a birthday party package for 10 donated to us from Get Air!

We would like to thank everyone including Bear event services, Imperial’s Garden, Get Air, Hendo’s and the people at the Washington State Fair Grounds and I’m sure there’s many more for coming out and being a part of this year’s Trunk or Treat. Thank you for your amazing donations of cash, prizes, borrowed items and to Hanson’s Fruit warehouse for allowing us to store our entire inventory in your back lot for 24 hours. 

A HUGE thank you to Miss Kelly West for being an amazing DJ and providing the services and items that you brought to make the event all the more LOUD and exciting! AND last but not least, thank you to the First Responders of Yakima for protecting our city and donating your time at this event. We are very pleased to say that this event raised over $3,500.00 that will be presented to the First Responders!

The goal is to be bigger and better with every year, so with that being said…We’ll see you all in 2018 for our Third Annual Trunk or Treat!